The Innovation Behind the Technology


The Apple iPad. We're all so impressed by the mobile gadget aren't we? And rightfully so. The convenience and speeds at which it allows us to remain connected to our digital lives regardless of where we are is simply amazing. However, it may surprise many to know that the Apple iPad is far from being the first tablet available to the public.The technology for tablet devices actually existed decades before Apple put their revolutionary spin on them.

ipad lap pillow

The actual initial beginnings of tablet technology dates back 100 years to 1915 when the first patent for a system able to recognize handwritten characters, rather than through a keyboard, was granted. The technology became commercially available many decades later in the 1980's when Communications Intelligence Corporation, Pencept and Linus all moved to the forefront of what was becoming a very crowded field. Apple also moved into tablet innovations and released the Apple Newton in 1993. The 90's also saw tablet offerings from Atari, AT&T, Compaq and Microsoft.

What makes the iPad so revolutionary, catching the world's attention, was the touchscreen technology and the ability to store data on the cloud. This new approach has actually opened up to a number of technology innovators. And though it would seem that Apple rules the technology world, Android-based tablets actually outsell the iPad, accounting for all media tablet sales in 2013.

In an increasingly mobile world, thanks in large part to the computer tablet, the need for comfortable spaces also continues to increase. At LapGear™, we consistently work to keep up with technological advances by always advancing our tablet pillows and laptop computer lap desks. When the next amazing innovation in mobile gadgets is developed, we'll be there to ensure that you'll have the proper work-space, wherever you are. 

You are Ergonomically Correct Indeed!

There are many things that can cause incorrect posture. Over time, people have developed a way of positioning their bodies and doing activities that create bad posture habits. It starts off as a small habit and then your sensory memory glands naturally adjust to your position causing strain or sometimes a large amount of pain [...]

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The Future of the Mobile Workforce

It almost seems like a joke. Looking back at the 1960's and 70's and the predictions of what the future would look like is almost laughable now. Promises of flying cars, automated homes, room-sized computers and silver non-gender-specific jumpsuits dominated the picture of the 2000's and beyond. The contrast to our reality is a laughable one. [...]

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Take Your Laptop or Tablet Anywhere With Comfort

In this new age of technology, LapGear® adds to the meaning of convenience and comfort. With the features of LapDesk®, you are now able to take your office and workspace anywhere. Each LapDesk surface comes complete with grips or smooth flat designs. This ensures that your laptop stays on top of your lap so that [...]

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The Need for Tablet Support

It's a mobile world. And nothing points to that more than the ever-increasing popularity of the tablet. In just two years, their usage grew by 282% and it is estimated that more than 44% of Americans now own the mobile gadget. Popular, to say the least; but are they bad for your health? Many health professionals [...]

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The Pros and Cons of Children's Use of Tablets and Smartphones

Like it or not, tablets, gadgets and smart phones are here to stay and the largest growing groups of users aren't senior citizens or the middle-aged. Its children that are attached to the portable computer screens. Depending on who you talk with this can either spell great things for the technological skill-set of the next [...]

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Your Chance To WIN Big!

Purchase ANY Smart Media Desk II and you are automatically entered to win our LapDesk Prize Pack!  To Enter Purchase ANY color Smart Media Desk II at: Prize Pack Includes:  1x Executive Tablet Pillow  1x Zebra Fashion Tablet Pillow  1x Jumbo Lap Desk  1x Smart Media Desk Exec  Contest Ends Jan, 20th at 11:59 PM

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How Lap Desks Can Help You Avoid Skin Damage

Have you heard of "toasted skin syndrome?" Unless you know someone that works near a super hot heat source, it's not likely you have. In the past, this syndrome has been seen in employees whose job requires them to work close to a heat source, including bakers and glass blowers. Normally, it's harmless but can [...]

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Show Your College Student You Care with A Lap Desk for Christmas

With Halloween behind us, the holiday shopping season has officially begun apparently. That means it’s high time you jumped on that list of gifts for your loved ones. Let's face it, these days waiting until the November to start buying gifts is actually procrastinating. Some people have been shopping all year! So get started by looking for the perfect [...]

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A New LapDesk™ Makes Life Easier

The world today is a world of connectivity and interactivity, where people use technology to constantly stay in touch, work on important projects, and keep up with breaking news. If you're someone that's always on the go, and are always looking for a stable surface to work on, then a LapDesk™ will make the perfect [...]

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