In 1974, LapGear™ opened its doors for business and placed an innovative product on the market: the original lap desk. During the late 70's and into the 80's our lap desks were so popular for crafting, eating and other tabletop activities, that they replaced TV trays from the generation before. Our traditional design is at the heart of what would develop into the essential, technology accessory category.

With the growing popularity of technology, LapGear™ introduced lap desks designed specifically for computer keyboards in 1995. As laptops gained popularity, the company responded to the marketplace’s demands by enhancing its products to work easily with laptop computers.

Today LapGear™ continues to create technology accessories for media tablets, notebook computers, and eReaders. With a variety of products, we strive to make our products more functional for lifestyles of all kinds.



Meet the Team




This die-hard Aggie is the backbone of the brand. Voted 'Best Boss' by our own staff, Pat welcomes innovation and encourages teamwork.




The complementary partner of the brand, Enoch carries positive energy wherever he goes. Constantly responding to emails, he is not a stranger to a good coffee break.



Human Resource

'Keeping Up with Employees' is only the tip of Stacy's iceberg. With duties similar to the First Lady, you can count on her mega-watt smile to boost you through the day’s work.



Sales Manager

Watching his father grow the brand for over thirty years, Kris was inspired to continue in his father's footsteps. Driving sales and managing customer relationships, Kris keeps the office on its toes doing his best to ensure client satisfaction.




If you 'Pass Go and Collect $200' you better be ready to show her receipts. Amanda is sharp with the books, but that doesn't stop her from being a friendly face around the office.



Purchasing/Inventory Manager

This company veteran has watched this company grow since day one. An important asset to the team, Lupe knows this company like the back of her hand and keeps the ship running smoothly.



Shipping Manager

With the official (yet unofficial) title as King of the Warehouse, he knows how to get the job done. Constantly moving so much, it's a phenomenon to see Matt sit still.



Shipping Coordinator

Every manager needs a great right-hand man, and that's Anthony. This M&M fanatic is rumored to be on the fast track to becoming a nominee for the 'Team Awesome Award.'



Creative Director

A true heavy-metal rocker, this guy wears multiple hats: figuratively and literally. Dedicated to his role, it's hard to get Will out of the office when he is on a mission.



Graphic Designer

Rumored to be related to the Flash, Corie can get the task done freaky fast. With a creative appetite for design, she is constantly working on ways to take the brand to new heights.



E-Commerce Manager

What do Spiderman and our E-Commerce manager have in common? They both are constantly on the web. Master of her domain, Sahi works hard to keep our presence online at the forefront.



Product Development Manager

Staying on track with what's hot and what's not is a job that can only be done by the office celebrity. With a stylish eye, Ellie is constantly researching our next innovation.




At LapGear™ we are not only about business. Our company believes in supporting our community by providing donations that will benefit those in need. Through organizations like Mission Arlington and The Kids in Need Foundation, we continually affirm the importance of engaging in philanthropic activities.