Take Your Laptop or Tablet Anywhere With Comfort

In this new age of technology, LapGear® adds to the meaning of convenience and comfort. With the features of LapDesk®, you are now able to take your office and workspace anywhere. Each LapDesk surface comes complete with grips or smooth flat designs. This ensures that your laptop stays on top of your lap so that you can continue to work.

Choose from our surface designs of classic wood-grain or smooth durable plastic. Each of the surfaces has an embedded handle or strap attached to the surface for convenience. We carry two surface sizes, jumbo and regular as well as have two shapes, square and irregular.

Some customers have been concerned with the circulation of air to and from their laptops and also cramps in their legs. We have a few lapdesk designs that have fans built in that don't require batteries. The power comes from the laptop via USB and will cycle air efficiently to and from your laptop.

All of our LapDesks are crafted with cushioning underneath the surfaces for comfort. Bases we have available include flat cushions and thick plush pillows, which happen to be our most popular design. The pillow is positioned underneath the surface of a slant to promote good posture, eliminate leg cramps and decrease glare when you are reading.

Lastly, on the surfaces of our LapDesks, there are non-slip grips that hold onto your device and make it easier to carry items. Some have a non-slip grip all over the surface for wider range of your devices and some have a small area for phones. Many of our LapDesks come with slots for smaller devices should you choose a LapDesk with a without a non-slip grip. Buy your lapdesk today!