The Future of the Mobile Workforce

It almost seems like a joke. 

Looking back at the 1960's and 70's and the predictions of what the future would look like is almost laughable now. Promises of flying cars, automated homes, room-sized computers and silver non-gender-specific jumpsuits dominated the picture of the 2000's and beyond. The contrast to our reality is a laughable one. Where homes are getting closer and closer to running themselves, cars are still firmly set on the ground and let's not even get started on the fashion.... but where they had it completely wrong was in the size and capabilities of our computers. The belief was that for them to carry out the number of functions that we would rely on them for, servers and processors would have to be enormous in size. Thankfully, technology has the exact opposite - creating computer processors that are minuscule in size - giving us the ability to go mobile. 

The advancements and innovations in global communication capabilities are constantly changing the way we live and work. Because laptops and tablets allow for mobile connectivity, more and more businesses are realizing the benefits of having a portion of their work force telecommute. Not only are Americans working from home offices; they're working from coffee shops, neighborhood parks, airplanes, hotel rooms and elsewhere. By being able to rely on highly-functional software and storing data in the cloud, tele-commuters are able to enjoy the same capabilities as they do at a traditional office. We look to support this mobile workforce with ergonomically-friendly lap desk pillows and computer lap desks. Our products make mobile work tasks more comfortable and enjoyable. Shop our entire selection of the world's best lap desks and enjoy special pricing on specially selected models.