The Innovation Behind the Technology

The Apple iPad. We're all so impressed by the mobile gadget aren't we? And rightfully so. The convenience and speeds at which it allows us to remain connected to our digital lives regardless of where we are is simply amazing. However, it may surprise many to know that the Apple iPad is far from being the first tablet available to the public.The technology for tablet devices actually existed decades before Apple put their revolutionary spin on them.

ipad lap pillow

The actual initial beginnings of tablet technology dates back 100 years to 1915 when the first patent for a system able to recognize handwritten characters, rather than through a keyboard, was granted. The technology became commercially available many decades later in the 1980's when Communications Intelligence Corporation, Pencept and Linus all moved to the forefront of what was becoming a very crowded field. Apple also moved into tablet innovations and released the Apple Newton in 1993. The 90's also saw tablet offerings from Atari, AT&T, Compaq and Microsoft.

What makes the iPad so revolutionary, catching the world's attention, was the touchscreen technology and the ability to store data on the cloud. This new approach has actually opened up to a number of technology innovators. And though it would seem that Apple rules the technology world, Android-based tablets actually outsell the iPad, accounting for all media tablet sales in 2013.

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