You are Ergonomically Correct Indeed!

There are many things that can cause incorrect posture. Over time, people have developed a way of positioning their bodies and doing activities that create bad posture habits. It starts off as a small habit and then your sensory memory glands naturally adjust to your position causing strain or sometimes a large amount of pain in a particular muscle.

Sitting for a long period of time creates cramps in the legs, which usually means that blood is not flowing properly. We can’t control how long people sit, but we can support the things that they put on their laps and help create good posture habits.

While fun and stylish, our LapGear® products prevent misuse of wrists and promotes proper blood flow to the legs, hence promoting good posture. Let’s not forget about the cooling fan in our products that keep your lap and laptop from getting hot. This ensures not only comfort, but also the health and well-being of your laptop and legs.

In our case, sitting with a good posture and using your wrist properly to type requires very little science. We happen to ask just a simple question, and that is “How would our customer use their laptops for long periods of time and remain comfortable”? Obviously, we have had much success with the answer to this question, but we are always figuring out new solutions to better comfort and posture. At the same time, we want your workspace to be enjoyable. Shop our selection of LapDesks® today.