Smart-e® Pro Lap Desk, Espresso

Smart-e® Pro Lap Desk, Espresso

  • FITS LAPTOPS UP TO 17": 2.5” x 16” desk surface

  • MEDIA SLOT: Holds your cell phone, tablet, or e-reader

  • DESIGN: Anti-tip Memory foam lap cushion. (Patent pending)

  • PORTABLE: Sleek design with reinforced carry handle

  • STYLE: Distinctive, executive design

    Impressive corner office? Window with a view? Plush furnishing? Who needs it with the smart-e Pro Lap Desk (with memory foam)?! this executive model is the ultimate in distinctive, comfortable design: the large 22.5" x 16" work surface Fits laptops up to 17"; The trench-styled media slot holds any size Tablet or phone upright (#no tipping) at an optimal viewing angle; and the cushion wrist-rest provides comfort for extended work hours. The most distinguishing feature is the innovative, tapered cushion design. The anti-tip memory foam conforms to your lap, ensuring, stability and improved air flow for both your comfort and your laptop's longevity.

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Item No. 91375
Item Weight:  2.82 lbs.
Item Dimensions: 18.5” x 3.3” x 15.9”