Take a look at our affordable and functional line of lap desks from the original lap desk company. The lap desk has evolved over time to fit the needs of our consumers. From basic small cushioned lap desks to larger computer lap desks with expanded features, you're sure to find a desk that meets your needs and budget.




Total Comfort

Each lap desk has cushioned support that makes your favorite lap desk activity more comfortable. Relax in bed as you watch movies, eat meals, and live your life from the comfort of your favorite spot.


With our extensive line, there's a lap desk for all types of users. Our lap desk can be used with multiple sizes of laptops, phones, and tablets.



LapGear™ lap desks are designed to improve the lifespan of your laptop. Working on our lap desk surfaces ensures heat doesn't get trapped in your laptop making, your laptop work harder for you.


All lap desk comes with a carrying handle to make travel easy for on-the-go lifestyles.


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