Commuter Lap Desk

Commuter Lap Desk

  • FITS LAPTOPS UP TO 15.6": 14" X 10.38"X 0.63"

  • ADJUSTABLE: choice of 20 adjustable angles to alleviate aching neck, shoulders and arms.

  • STABILITY: silicone grip Strip to prevent devices from sliding.

  • VERSATILITY: slim design that can be stowed in backpack/messenger bag.

  • COMFORT: leatherette cushion pad is soft, durable, and easy to clean.

    CAR?  BUS?  TRAIN?  PLANE?  However you travel to work, LapGear has designed the Commuter Lap Desk with YOUR comfort and productivity in mind.  This portable work space provides 20 (#thatsright20) adjustable height positions to offer the most comfort and relief for your shoulders, neck, and arms, as you utilize your computer or media device.  Another ergonomic feature is the durable yet sleek design which will easily fit into a backpack or messenger bag so that your Commuter Lap Desk will become your laptop's constant companion.  No worries about instability on your ride:  the fold-out device ledge supports and stabilizes your laptop or tablet, and the non-slip elevation bar allows cooling air flow to improve your devices' longevity.  With these optimal features, our versatile Commute Lap Desk will transform your travel time from a tedious journey to an efficient and productive ride. Uber anyone?

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Item No. 49108
Item Weight: 1.93 lb.
Item UPC: 0 52162 49108 0
Item Dimensions: 10.38 x 14 x 0.9 inches