Looking for a little more stability while working or eating? LapGear™ trays and tables can provide just that. Make any occasion a special occasion that will show them how much you care when you serve any meal from one of our trays. Whether you need it for business or pleasure our trays and tables will accommodate your activities perfectly.



Our collapsible legs make our trays and tables easy to store. Nicely stored out of site or packed away, you'll almost forget that you have one available at your convenience. 


It's important for our trays and tables to be functional, but also appealing. Using renewable bamboo, sleek aluminum, or wood inspired surfaces we strive to create a presentable product that consumers will love. 


Our trays and tables are designed to withstand your activities that take place on its surface top. Whether you're enjoying a lovely meal or stacking heavy textbooks on them, you don't have to worry about our trays or tables collapsing.


Use with multiple sizes of laptops, phones, and tablets. Enjoy meals or do crafts and other activities.