Tablet Pillows

The Tablet Pillow by LapGear® is the most comfortable, convenient and practical accessory for your Tablet or eReader. Tablets are wonderful tools, but trying to balance one on your lap is a challenge. The tablet pillow holds your tablet or eReader securely in place, at the perfect angle for work, games, reading and surfing in the internet.

The tablet pillow is made from soft microfiber fabric and is designed to gently cradle your tablet. A front fabric pocket holds the tablet in place without blocking the screen and holds everything in place, even when you move around on the couch or bed. The rounded slope of the pillow gives the tablet room to breathe so that it doesn't become hot and overheated. The Tablet Pillow's shape and size works with almost every brand of tablet or eReader.

No one knows your gadget like LapGear®! The tablet pillow is the perfect home or mobile companion to your tablet or eReader.

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